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Deqing Wen ‘s News 2014
15-18 Jan.
Au Conservotoire de Musique de Sion, 15, 16 et 17 avec les étudiants puis une générale le 18 le matin. Et la conférence (60’) à 17h + le mini concert portrait avec WEN Deqing’s String Quartet No.1.

25-30 March.
Concert Portrait of WEN Deqing by ensemble of Mons Conservatory,12h00, 27th. March 2014
String Quartet No.1 (1995) 20’
Traces I (1996) for clarinet and piano. 6’
The Sound Shining (2006) for erhu & 12’
Sound Gone to The Heaven (2009) for solo viola and 6 violas. 7’

By Shanghai Sinfonietta Concerts in Monse, Brussels Arts Musica 28th & 29th evening, March
Petit Chou (1997) pour erhu (vièle chinois) et quatuor a cordes 12’

17-18 May
Cite de la Musique de Paris, Cdmc table ronde «Chinese New Music», Concert<Made in China>-«Le Souffle» pour six instruments, performance by Les Temps Moderne of Lyon(France)

Deqing Wen’s News 2013:

1)article “extension of orchestration-analysis of Boulez’s Notation”(I)published by “Journal of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music”2013.1

2)article “extension of orchestration-analysis of Boulez’s Notation”(II)published by “Journal of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music” 2013.2

3)article “An Ear to Sound” published by Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music>2013.2

4)13 May, “Variation of a Rose” for orchestra performance by Toulouse Orchestra (France), Shanghai International Spring Festival, Shanghai Orient Art Center

5)8-9 Jun. Forums of Opera in China 2013,Delivier a Speech“Opera for Children”

6)10-17 Jun. pay a visit with Delegate of Shanghai Conservatory of Music to Royal Conservatory of London, Hamburg and Lubeck

7) 16 Oct. Premier of ”Soul Wandering ”for orchestra, 6th New Music Week, Orchestra of Shanghai Opera House, cond. Zhang Guoyong

8)16-20 Nov. Lecture and concert in Hannover Conservatory of Music and Damsdat Conservatory of music, performance, Lu Yiwen and Baha String Quartet and String Quartet of Hannover Conservatory of Music, present “Petit Chou(Little Cabbage)”(1997) pour erhu (vièle chinois) et quatuor a cordes.

9)17 Dec. ”Le Souffle” for six instruments,Helvting Concert Hall, by New Asian Ensemble。

10)3-7 Dec. 2013 Chinese Composers' Festival, "Ink Splashing I"
performed in Dec 5.Venue: Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong. Performing Group: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

11)Article “ Analysis about Xu Shuya’s San” published in “Journal of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music” 2013.4

Deqing Wen’s News 2012:
1)Translate ”After Thought” published in ”People’s Music” 2012, 2

2)5 Jan.《Traces IV》concerto for sona and orchestra, Beijing Concert Hall performence by Orchestra of Shanghai Opera House,suona: Guo Yazhi,cond. Zhang Guoyong

3)Article “Schoberg is not yet dead” published in “Journal of the Center Conservatory of Music” 2012.3

4) 20 May. world premier: Berlin.Spiritual Rock and Roll for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists

5) 14 Oct. world premier of An Ear to Flowers for large orchestra, Shanghai Concert Hall, by Shanghai Philharmonic orchestra, Cond.J.Hemple, 5th New Music Week.

6) 15 Oct. world premier of The Four Seasons in My Childhood for children's or women's chorus, He Lvting Concert Hall. 5th New Music Week. TianKong ensemble, cond. Tian Xiaobao.

7) 18 Dec. world premier of Memory for Chinese traditional orchestra, by Shanghai Chinese traditional orchestra,cond.Wang Pujian, Shanghai Concert Hall..

Deqing Wen ‘s News 2011:
1)5-10 Feb.“Les Musiciens des Breme”, Opera premier, Sion, the international festival of contemporary music, La Choux-fond, Switzerland. Dec. The DVD published by Shanghai Publish.
2)14-21 April, 175 ceremony of Conservatory of Geneva, lecture and performance of “Ink Splashing I for ensemble” and “Music of Shao for solo guqin”, Concert Hall of Geneva Conservatory of music
3)24-29 Sep. artistic director of 4th New music Week.
4)24 Sep. “Spring, River and Flowers on a Moonlit Night for pipa and chamber orchestra” performance by Nouvel Ensemble of Canada and Yang Jing(pipa).

5) 29 Sep.“Two Birds in One Cage” for oboe and English horn, dance by Jinxin Ensemble

6) 5 Oct. “Spring, River and Flowers on a Moonlit Night for pipa and chamber orchestra” performance by Nouvel Ensemble of Canada and Yang Jing(pipa). Montreal, Canada.

7) 20-28 Aug. Professor of Summer Course for Composition, Taiwan.

8) 4 Oct. Forums of Chorus in China (Xian) , speech and performance about The Four Seasons in My Childhood

9) 23 Dec. The Four Seasons in My Childhood performance by The rainbow ensemble of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

10) 18 Dec. Premier of The Tender Language of Wu for guqin and string quartet, He luting Concert Hall

11) 9 Nov. Premier of “Daybreak” for orchestra, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, cond. Zhang Guoyong。

12) May in Switzerland, Ronde des Pagodes for piano in four hands, performance by Xie Yasuangzi and Xie Yaou, CD published by Shanghai Music Publish。

13) 13 Sep.上海东方讲坛《New Time New Music-Wen Deqing Concert Portrait,He Lvting Concert Hall.
14) 23 Dec. Premier of Suona in a Jazz Style version for brass quintet, lecture hall of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Deqing Wen ‘s News 2010:

1, “Traces III”(1998),concert on 6th March in Buenos Aires, in the festival for soloist. By Pilar Fontalba

2, “Variations of a Rose” (2000) for large orchestra, International Shanghai Spring Festival, concert on 29 April, Shanghai Concert Hall, by The orchestra of Shanghai Opera House.

3,‘Petit Chou’(1997) for erhu and string quartet, chamber concert of Macao orchestra, 30 April, Macao

4, “Zheng” (2008) concertino for orchestra, International Shanghai Spring Festival, concert on 10 May, Shanghai Concert Hall, by The orchestra of Shanghai Conservatory.

5, "The New Legend of Yang Zongbao and Mu Guiying" duo for voice and recorder(2009), in Switzerland and France on the following dates:
24/26 May, Bern, Switzerland, ONO Theatre
11/14/18/21/25/28 July, Palais Royal (ex Rouge Gorge)
Festival d'Avignon, Avignon, France

6, “The Shiny Sound” for erhu and ensemble (2009), commissioned by Swiss NEC
World premiere: 19. 05. 2010, La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland, Beijing Modern, Nanjing and Chengdu, China tour with 3 concerts. Replay in Switzerland 22 November 2010.

7, Concert Portrait of Deqing Wen, 7th June, 2010, Ganzhou Conservatory, China.

8, Jury of competition of composition, Aug. Switzerland, Boswil,4th Con Tempo competition.

9, “Traces III”(1998) for oboe solo, piece chosen for 65th Geneva International Music Competition OBOE from November 4th to 18th, 2010.

10, New Piece for 13 Suonas (2010), commissioned by New Music Week, world premier: 5th Nov. Heluting Concert Hall.

11, The Artistic Director of 3rd New Music Week of Shanghai Conservatory of Music,
2rd-6th November

12, “Love Song and River Chant”, version for orchestra(2010), world premier by Fujian Symphony Orchestra, 7th Nov. in the Festival of Fujian and Taiwan

13, «The Four Seasons of Childfood» for child choir (2010) , commissioned by Le Conservatoire du Pays de Montbeliard (France)
World premiere: Dec.. 2010, Montbeliard, France.

14, Deqing Wen’s music in Radio and TV in Europe, USA and China.

Deqing Wen ‘s News 2009:

1, “A New legend of Yang Zongbao and Mu Guiying” for voice and recorder (2008)
- World premiere: 16. 01. 2009, forum : : wallis <<>> forum : : valais, Sion. Switzerland, China tour in 16th October Shanghai Conservatory New Music Week.
- China Premiere, Festival New Music Week at 3 pm., 16th, Oct.2009 Shanghai Conservatory.

2, “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” for 12 feminine voices or child's voices (A Capella) (this 2009 Chinese version from the 1995 French version)
- China Premiere, at 7.15 pm., 21, May, Series 12 of Contemporary Concert of Shanghai Conservatory, He Luting Concert Hall.
- International Korean Choir Competition, July 2009

3, Deqing Wen Concert portrait and master class, 2-6 Aug., Composer in residence of International Festival Davos in Switzerland.

4, CD Portrait Deqing Wen published in Switzerland, 5 Aug.2009, CD Grammont Portrait MGB, CTS-M 116: Deqing Wen

5, “Kung-fu” for solo percussion, Taipei premiere by Lin Yaxue, October

6, The Artistic Director of New Music Week of Shanghai Conservatory of Music,
14th-18th October

7, The Sound Gone to Heaven (2009)
For viola solo and 6 violas
World Premiere, 7:15 pm. 18th, Oct. 09, Shanghai Conservatory, New Music Week

8, The shepherd boy’s flute (1999)
for flute solo
performance in He Luting Concert Hall, Shanghai, 31, Oct.2009, by Liu Ning

8, “Kung-fu” and “Complainte”, performances in USA, 11th, Nov. Performance at PASIC 2009 Fucs Day, In Indiana and The Music School of University North Illinois

9, Deqing Wen’s music in Radio and TV in Europe, USA and China.